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Pure_Martingale - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2012.03.19 07:15
2016.11.22 07:32

This is a Martingale system that has random entry, you can program your own entry like you want for better results.

I was focused only on martingale system, not only the lot size is rising but also the take profit distance, so you can withstand more consecutive losses.

To work properly set the account History in terminal to show all history.

Input parameters:

Martingale settings:

  • sl_tp = 20; - stop loss and take profit in pips;
  • lotsMultiplier = 1.5; - lot multiplier, if a trade was loss the next trade lot size will be lotsMultiplier times larger;
  • distanceMultiplier = 1.5; - take profit and stop loss multiplier, after a los trade the take profit distance is distanceMultiplier times larger;
  • Lots = 0.03; - the lot size in first trade;
  • MaxSlippage = 3; - the maximall allowed slippage in pips;
  • magicNumber = 1212123; - special number to avoid colliding with another EA or manual trades;

Trading Hours:

  • useTradingHours = false; - if it is true, the system opens trades only in defined time;
  • StartTime = "06:00"; - start time of trading;
  • StopTime = "18:00"; - end time of trading;
  • GMT_Offset = 0; - GMT offset;

Trading Days:

  • Monday = true;
  • Tuesday = true;
  • Wednesday = true;
  • Thursday = true;
  • Friday = true;
  • Saturday = true;
  • Sunday = true;

View settings:

  • showMenu = true; - if true, EA shows on graph information about open trades, lots and profit;
  • menuColor = Blue; - color of menu text;
  • variablesColor = Red; - color of variables;
  • font = 10; - font size;
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