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FIB PIVOTS : Any ideas on adding R4,R5,S4,S5 Levels

I am looking to add extra levels to these indicator and test for percentage of times a currency pair will hit levels 3,4 and 5, basically run some probability studies once i have a solid wholesome FIBPIVOT indicator.

Any suggestion on how to further improve these indicator in terms of PIVOTS will also be appreciated.

Please share if interested.

Any ideas on adding 4 and 5 levels to the attached indicator ?

Which Fib levels will be appropriate in the calculation ?

Give reasons for selected levels for 4 and 5.

R3 = Pivot + 1.000 * (- - L) =

R2 = Pivot + 0.618 * (- - L) =

R1 = Pivot + 0.382 * (- - L) =

Pivot = ( - + L + C ) / 3 =

S1 = Pivot - 0.382 * (- - L) =

S2 = Pivot - 0.618 * (- - L) =

S3 = Pivot - 1.000 * (- - L) =

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

I do not know ...

Just look at the examples:

Fibo & Gann variations:

-ALL W D Gann Stuff thread is here.

- indicators is here.

- all the forex-tsd links to fibo (video, articles, indicators, systems and so on) is here.

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- Auto Fibonacci by Codersguru is here

- Fibo Circle indicator by cja is on this post.

- Fibo MultiColor indicator by cja is on this post.

Or look at Harmonic pattern section:


help me fib expansion

Hello comunity please help me

Its a amazing fib expansion tool for all comunity

fib expansion tool

That after I set a fibo expansion and put a name on the object for example: "fibsell" he put in limit orders and stop in following levels.

Levels of fib expansion Orders (limit):

level A: 0.61 (with spread)

level B: 1.270 (with spread)

level C: 1.618 (with spread)

Levels for fib expansion for Stop Loss:

level D: 2.618 (with spread)

Levels for fib expansion for Take profit:

level E: -1.270 (with spread)

When i mov anyone of the fib expansion level, the price orders and tp/sl in levels of fibexpansion will be move too.

extern variables:



level A;

level B;

level C;

level D;

level E;

see attachment example

please can code this ?

would be a good tool to use, increased testing, and precision in entries


Basic Fibonacci indicator

I would be really grateful if anyone has got a Fibonacci indicator which works in the same way as the default Fibonacci expansion tool that comes with MT4 (where the settings can be customised and then saved)

The reason I want this is so that I can set up 2 different versions of fibo expansion on the same chart without having to spend time adjusting the levels. I want one with quite a few levels and the other very few

Many thanks



hi the fibs on my chart come out in yellow and there is no option to change the colours of the actual fib horizontals, can they be changed a differnt colour??


Fibonacci Fan Code

After spending a few hrs looking i cannot find any mql4 code for Fibonacci Fans I know its built in to MT4 but i want to test an idea which requires modifications.

Does anyone have some code? I'm trying to avoid doing the math, as i will inevitably do the math wrong


Fibo vertical line indicator

I have searched through the forum but could not get one. is anybody who can code fibo vertical line this indicator for mt4.that will work on daily datas.

also if any coder could code a vertical line daily pivot.

thanks in advance.


Some of the indicators in this issue re-drawing

Hari Maryawan
Hari Maryawan  

Profitable Fibonacci Fan - Trade like fox hunter

Before using this technique, please learn about Support and Resistant, Candlestick.

First, prepare your fibonacci fan level as {0.0, 0.136, 0.236, 0.382, 0.50, 0.618, 0.764, 0.864, 0.94, 1.0, 1.136, 1.236, 1.382, 1.5, 1.618, 1.764, 1.864}

select color and line style you like.

Rising fan lines extend up from a trough and pass through retracement based on the advance (trough to peak).

These fan lines can then be used to estimate support levels or potential reversal zones. Falling fan lines extend down from a peak and pass through retracements based on the decline (peak to trough). These fan lines can then be used to estimate resistance levels or potential reversal zones

ENTRY SHORT : When price open below line few times

ENTRY LONG : When price open above line few time

EXIT : When price close exact on the next line

if the price crossing the line, it's possible to continue through next line.

TIME FRAME : any time frame you wish. but first draw fibonacci fan based on higher time frame H1, H4, D1

Fan line created on D1, H4, and then H1

And then open lower time frame, for example M5. As you can see, the price walk and hanging on the fanline

d1.gif 24 kb
h4.gif 23 kb
h1.gif 22 kb
m5.gif 16 kb
Hari Maryawan
Hari Maryawan  

Fibonacci Fan @ GBPUSD

Screenshoot will tell you everythin