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TCP socket - library for MetaTrader 4

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2010.07.05 14:06
2014.04.21 14:54
socket.mqh (4.1 KB)view
WinSock.mqh (12.28 KB)view
wsockserv.mq4 (0.89 KB)view


I'm using this code for a script i have so i deleted the protocol mqh library, but it should still work. I made ryaz's winsock server example into some utility functions.

Report any bugs or improvements back please! Hope you find tcp sockets as simple as they should be = open connection, accept connection, receive connection, close connection.

Thanks :)

note that you can change the receive buffer size, the max amount of characters that we can receive, in the sockets.mqh file. Currently it is at 200 characters.

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