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2009.12.14 09:19
2016.11.22 07:32


The indicator Back In the Future draws forthcoming bars in a tester, in advance...

The description:

It works only in a tester, in a mode of visualisation and on timeframe not less 5M.

Draws the specified range of the future bars in advance.

I will remind that schedule shift to the right is regulated by a triangle in upper edge of the chart of the price - Chart shift.

Sense of use: training and researches.

For example, for testing of various kinds of a trawl together with my adviser the Trading Simulator 2, the analysis of "prophetical" qualities of various methods and indicators.


The Future parameter is a number of bars to show, and the GoldColor parameter draws the future bar with gold color (for the color schemes with black background).

Well, it is a pity that so it is impossible in real!..

However... I still will think over it!

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Original code:

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