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Simple Expert Advisor - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2009.11.30 13:58
2016.11.22 07:32
EMA_WMA.mq4 (4.76 KB)view

Many people asks to post a simple expert advisor.

The advisor is not designed to trade without losses. Its purpuse to check trade strategies.

Here is the one of them:

There are two WMA: WMA 8 and EMA 28.

When WMA crosses EMA from below - it buys.

When WMA crosses EMA from above - it sells.

After position opening it sends 2 orders: Take-profit 50 points (from the open price), Stop-loss 50 points (open price + spread)


  • Trade with fixed value of deposit (10%) and leverage (1:100)
  • Do not use it for trade for all of the currency pairs
  • If trend has reversed, and WMA crossed EMA in the direction opposite to the positions opened - open position in the trend direction, and close previous (of course, the old orders should be deleted and new sended).


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Original code:

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