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2009.10.30 13:17

Stairs strategy - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Breakthrough strategy.

The first, two pending orders are placed. They defines a corridor with the range of the specified channel property.

It is necessary for the detection of the appromixate price movement direction.

After breakthrough the further order management is performed by the "Stairs" strategy.

For the filled order we are placing two stop orders, they defines a channel range specified in properties.

The Stop Loss prices for the orders are the same as the breakthrough price.

The exit is performed after the profit will be the same as specified in the Profit property,

or after the total profit of the all traded currencies (from all of the experts instances attached) achieve the value defined by CommonProfit property.

So, everything will be clear after the deals and during the visualization.

The arithmetic increasing of orders is supported.

The automatic calculation of the lot size is also supported, I do not recommend to set it greater than 3%.

If somebody will find the good parameters for the trading, please inform about it. I sure that such parameters are exist.

I wouldn't like to advise to use it with just one pair, but of course, it's cool to test it on demo accounts or MT Strategy Tester.

For the several currency pairs, the strategy might be more effecient, I have tested it on the demo account.

But it's impossible to find the optimal parameters in such case, because of the multicurrency trading.

A picture from the demo account:

I have used 5 currency pairs, the profit channel size was 100, the profit was 150 and common profit was 300.

The maximal drawdown was the same as we see at the picture.

The initial balance was 25000, the strategy also can work with 10000.

*.mqh -- copy to include

logical.mq4, trade.mq4 copy to libraries

Stairs.mq4 -- the expert advisor.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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