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2009.01.05 07:24
2016.11.22 07:32

It shows the difference between two MAs in a separate window.

Minor and major MA can be set up.

The indicator of group moving. It shows the difference between two MAs in a separate window.

There is something wrong in the code, it doesn't draw anything instantly, first of all you should "reload" the timeframe. The history must be uploaded. If it draws in a wrong manner switch the timeframe once more, the history will be uploaded and the picture will be redrawn.

If you put the cursor of your mouse over a line the name of the currecy will be shown (lower entry).

Input Parameters:

extern int MA_Period      =5;
extern int MA_Basis       =233;
extern int MA_Shift       =0;
extern int MA_Method      =1;
extern string symbol_1   ="EURUSD";
extern string symbol_2   ="GBPUSD";
extern string symbol_3   ="USDCHF";
extern string symbol_4   ="USDJPY";
extern string symbol_5   ="AUDUSD";
extern string symbol_6   ="USDCAD";
extern string symbol_7   ="medium";

extern bool revers=false;


Volatility Indicator Volatility Indicator

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