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2008.12.18 07:07
2014.04.21 14:53
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The indicator has the informative character.

Input Parameters:

extern string BuySeLL_Settings0="--------------------------";
extern string GBPJPY="  ";
extern string EURUSD="  ";
extern string GBPUSD="  ";
extern string AUDUSD="  ";
extern string USDCAD="  ";
extern string USDJPY="  ";
extern string USDCHF="  ";
extern string DOW="  ";
extern string OIL="  ";
extern string GOLD="  ";
extern int Jendela=0;
extern int Sisi=0;
extern string BuySeLL_Settings1="--------------------------";
extern int TF1=30;
extern int TF2=15;
extern int TF3=5;
extern string BuySeLL_Settings2="--------------------------";
extern int MAFastPeriod=2;
extern int MAFastMethod=3;
extern int MAFastApply_To=0;
extern int MAFastShift=0;
extern string BuySeLL_Settings3="--------------------------";
extern int MASlowPeriod=4;
extern int MASlowMethod=3;
extern int MASlowApply_To=1;
extern int MASlowShift=0;
extern string BuySeLL_Settings4="--------------------------";
extern color Cross_Buy =DodgerBlue;
extern color Cross_Sell=Tomato;
extern string TextColor_Settings="--------------------------";
extern color d1_Color=White;
extern color d2_Color=White;
extern color d3_Color=White;
extern color d4_Color=White;
extern color d5_Color=White;
extern color d6_Color=White;
extern color d7_Color=White;
extern color d8_Color=White;
extern color d9_Color=White;
extern color d10_Color=White;


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