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2008.10.07 06:36

10 pips a day opposite "yesterday's trend" - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Is it possible to take just 10 pips a day? Very old question. Very interesting for me, as a beginer. As I have seen, it is so difficult to take even 10 pips profit in live trading.

I tried to make little investigation to get my 10 pips a day. I ended with a once a day trading system, that just put one position a day, at the begining of the day. First in the trend sense, then opposite, then with stop orders with particular SL and TP and so on...

I finished with EA which makes one position a day against a "trend" at certain hour. What is a "trend" for me in this EA? Just price difference within last N-hours. After simple optimalization I finished with interesting curve, as it usually happens.

It showed me 6/1 winning trades and 26/2 max consecutive wins/loss. Because of this I used some kind of Martingale to make an intelligent MM and et the end curve was even prettier :-)
This EA is profitable within last 7 years, if MAXIMUM risk MM is used, not a fix lot, but optimised just for last 2 years, so older results are not so pretty.

Main characteristics:

Currency: EURUSD
Timeframe: chosen by EA automatically (you can setup whatever)
Open position at: 07:00 CET
Max. age of openned position: 75600sec = 21 hour
Amount of hours to check price difference to see a "trend": 30 hour

Graph for 2008

Report for 2008

Graph for 2003 - 2008

Report for 2003 - 2008

You can change/optimise these variable to see different results:

FIXLOT if 0, uses maximumrisk variable to count lots, else uses only this while trading
MINLOTS minimum lot
MAXLOTS maximum lot
MAXIMUMRISK maximum risk, if FIXLOT = 0 ... maybe better to use FIXLOT = 0 and MAXIMUMRISK = 0.05 (0.02)
SLIPPAGE max slippage alowed

TRADINGHOUR time when position should be oppened
HOURSTOCHECKTREND amount of hours to check price difference to see a "trend"
ORDERMAXAGE max age of position - closes older positions

Martingale element used in EA - after loss positions, next order lot is multiplied
FIRSTMULTIPLICATOR multiply lots when position -1 was loss
SECONDMULTIPLICATOR multiply lots when position -2 was loss
THIRDMULTIPLICATOR multiply lots when position -3 was loss
FOURTHMULTIPLICATOR multiply lots when position -4 was loss
FIFTHMULTIPLICATOR multiply lots when position -5 was loss


Maybe a question for experienced traders at the end:

What coul be a logical reason to trade like this. Is it only a overoptimised past without any future success chance or has this kind of trading any logical base?

open_close&stochastic_strategy open_close&stochastic_strategy

The testing data is in the strategy tester.rar file. The EA was tested from 29.09 to 30.09 because the strategy is designed for M1. But unfortunately it works not by the strategy. In some cases it doesn't close when it should and so it goes negative.

Info Info

Spread, swap, minimum stop limit, price of a point, calculated maximum lot!!!

Indicator of Equity and Balance Indicator of Equity and Balance

The indicator draws the charts of equity and balance by the data of account's history, it uses the current opened positions for updating the charts in the real time mode as well.

Expert Advisor Robot_MACD_12.26.9 Expert Advisor Robot_MACD_12.26.9

The EA is based on the MACD indicator.