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Metatrader Expert Advisor e-Regr and Metatrader Indicator i-Regr - expert for MetaTrader 4

2008.09.12 06:16
2014.04.21 14:53
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Regression Channel

Linear Regression Channel consists of two parallel lines, equidistant up and down from the line of linear regression trend. The distance between frame of the channel and regression line equals to the value of maximum close price deviation from the regression line.

Linear Regression Channel

Second-power (Parabolic) Polynomial Regression Channel

Third-power Polynomial Regression Channel

MetaTrader Indicator i-Regr Setting

Degree - power of Polynomial : 1- linear; 2- parabolic; 3- Third-power

MetaTrader Expert Advisor e-Regr based on Regression Channel MetaTrader Indicator

If price lower than under line - Buy
If price bigger than upper line - Sell

TakeProfit by average line.
Stop Loss = 0 but you can set Stop Loss
Trend Protection: If D1 candle (for previously day) bigger than 150 pips – trade prohibition and close all opened position.

MetaTrader Expert Advisor e-Reg Setting

Warning: The Expert advisor e-Regr was not adjusted and was not optimized.

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Original code:


The script opens a SELL position with the specified part of the FreeMargin.

Ergodic Oscillator Ergodic Oscillator

Indicator Ergodic Oscillator.

StopLossMove StopLossMove

The script moves the StopLoss at the Distance from the market.

CloseAllBuySell CloseAllBuySell

The script closes all opened Buy and Sell positions in the active window.