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2008.05.05 07:42
2014.04.21 14:52

The strategy underlying this EA is based on the indicator of MA.

A detailed article about the system testing is available in the issue of our magazine from 28.04.2008: You can discuss and suggest some elaborations for it on our forum at:


Trading strategy algorithm:

1. Opening a 4-hour chart for EURUSD, lots 0.1.
2. Drawing an MA with the period of 5.

Signal to buy: Indicator MA has formed a trough.

Signal to sell: Indicator MA has formed a peak.

The trades will be closed by StopLoss. For placing a StopLoss, we should find the MA inflection (trough or peak) and detect: for Buy, the minimum price value for 10 bars in history; for Sell, the maximum price value for 10 bars in history. Then place a StopLoss. We should perform checks at each formation of trough (for Buy) or peak (for Sell) and modify the StopLoss, if necessary.


Once having tested the above rules on the period from 2007.01.11 to 2008.01.11, we obtained the following results (Open prices):

Having optimized the results for the same period, we obtained the following result of the EA operations:

Profit factor is 3.70, expected payoff is 76.74!

You can also see the forward test of the optimized area for EURUSD and the EA tests for GBPJPY in the issue of our magazine from 28.04.2008:

The latest issue of the magazine can be downloaded from:

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    Original code:

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