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Support - Resistance - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2008.05.17 05:41
2016.03.30 11:45

Below are two indicators:

Support-Resistance Indicator, as its name says, is intended to detect and display Support/Resistance levels.

The midline is the mean value between support and resistance.

The indicator has an external parameter, it's its window width. Thus, you can see daily levels on a one-hour chart, if you set the window width to 24.

SR-Rate Indicator shows the boarder the price is closer to.

OneSideGaussian must be stored in \libraries.

Of course, you should store the other two files in \indicators.

To my opinion, they should be used all together only.

I'm sorry for too few comments on it, but I'm sure that you can sort out 10 KB of simple code yourselves. Especially as because I tried to write in a good style, the names of variables correspond with their purposes.

I'm looking forward to your ideas and opinions about this program. The more so because this is my first performance on this website.

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Original code:

Pattern Searching ZigZag Pattern Searching ZigZag

Building in the current window a ZigZag calculated on a larger timeframe.


Draft EA that works on H4, first entering on daily chart. It uses Ryan Jones' Fixed Ratio money management method and "reverse pyramid.

MACD_color MACD_color

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Volatility.mq4 Volatility.mq4

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