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2008.11.12 07:18
2016.11.22 07:32

Indicator Impulse CD, an extension of the impulse approach to the trading and the elaboration of the Impulse MACD indicator.

The idea of the further development has originated after the visual observing the above mentioned indicator. It's rather difficult to determine the moment when the signal line of the indicator begins to deviate from the hystogram at first sight. So, I considered it useful to overlay an additional hystogram of the difference between the signal line and the main hystogram.

As the first observations show, it probably will help to locate the rollbacks.

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Daily range Daily range

Forecasting of price daily ranges. This indicator shows the resistance and support levels of the current day.

Eugene Eugene

The minimums and maximums of the previous day are used. I'm sorry that I wrote it without comments.


Expert Advisor ASC++.

Kijun Sen Robot (KSRobot) Kijun Sen Robot (KSRobot)

Expert Advisor Kijun Sen Robot. It uses the following indicators: Ichimoku, MA, SAR. It is optimized for the following currency pairs: GBPUSD and EURUSD with M30 period. You can view the full description in the code.