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Exp_karacatica - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2016.05.16 11:29
Author: Dmitry.

Expert Advisor based on two indicators (ADX and Momentum) with a built-in optimizer. Based on the optimization results it selects the best period for indicators and the trading direction or refrains from trading.
Uses the Ikarakatica indicator.

Participated in the Automated Trading Championship 2006.

Symbol: EURUSD.
Period: works only on M15.
Model: every tick.

From the author: Completely ineffective during flats, but if it gets on a trend which happens 1-3 times a year - hang on!

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Original code:

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Relative Strength Index technical indicator.

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The Ikarakatica indicator. It shows when to buy and when to sell.

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The Farhad EA. It has a lot of settings. It also uses the indicators: MACD, Stochastic, SAR, Momentum, MA.

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