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2012.02.09 12:30
2016.11.22 07:32
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Normalized oscillator displayed as a histogram.

J_TPO output signal lies within -1...+1. The indicator itself is similar to RSI. Trend reversal signal borders are usually located at levels -0.5 and +0.5.

J_TPO indicator

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Original code:

DailyRange DailyRange

The indicator calculates forecast prices of the daily price range. It shows resistance and support levels of current day using the prices of the previous day.

BuySell BuySell

This indicator shows the "ultimate support/resistance" levels of current trend. Trend changes is shown with color rectangles, trend direction is shown with colored dots.

LinearRegression LinearRegression

When applied to financial markets this method is usually used to determine the moments of prices extreme deviation from a "standard" level.

JBrainTrendSig1 JBrainTrendSig1

Signal indicator of the popular BrainTrend1 trading system with preliminary price timeseries smoothing.