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2016.03.25 15:13
Author: Nick Bilak

Another indicator based on the «Bollinger bands». Good for displaying «Where the trend is, and where the flat is».

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Original code:

BBwithFractdev BBwithFractdev

Literally, "Bollinger bands with a fractional ratio of deviation."

Murrey_Math_Line_X Murrey_Math_Line_X

Murrey Math (ММ) is a trading system suitable for any markets. The MM system comprises two main components: geometry, used for measuring the price movements of the specified market, and a set of rules based on the Gann technique and Japanese candlesticks.

BBhisto BBhisto

One of the most interesting modifications of Bollinger bands. It shows the standard deviation in the bar representation.

3-line MACD 3-line MACD

This indicator adds a smoothing curve to the MACD.