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2016.03.25 15:10

Instantaneous Trend Line - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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One of the indicators I recommend to novices as the entry indicator.

One of the best methods for training the main precepts of trading (to set stops, not to set take profits, to let profit grow, to exit at flats and so on).

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Original code:

Solar Winds Solar Winds

As it can be seen, the indicator is perfect. Simply buy at the second black bar and sell at the second red bar. And take all the movement literally pip by pip.

Pattern Pattern

Displays the type of candlestick or small pattern in accordance with the general setting.

Time1 Time1

The idea of this indicator is quite simple: draw lines to remember the current phase of the market and who "rules" the market.

3shadeopen 3shadeopen

One of the indicators that display the session times.