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Three neural networks - expert for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Vladimir Karputov
votes: 37
2019.02.07 09:09

Idea by: Apelsin

mq5 code by: barabashkakvn

The EA uses a very simple neural network unit

   double n1=((ma_h1[1]-ma_h1[2])/ma_h1[1])*p1+((ma_h1[2]-ma_h1[3])/ma_h1[3])*p2+((ma_h1[3]-ma_h1[4])/ma_h1[4])*p3;

   double n2=((ma_h4[1]-ma_h4[2])/ma_h4[2])*q1+((ma_h4[2]-ma_h4[3])/ma_h4[3])*q2+((ma_h4[3]-ma_h4[4])/ma_h4[4])*q3;

   double n3=((ma_d1[1]-ma_d1[2])/ma_d1[2])*k1+((ma_d1[2]-ma_d1[3])/ma_d1[3])*k2+((ma_d1[3]-ma_d1[4])/ma_d1[4])*k3;

   if((n1>0 && n2>0 && n3>0))
   if((n1>0 && n2<0 && n3<0))

based on the signals from three indicators iMA (Moving Average, MA) on H1, H4, and D1.

Recommendations on Optimization

Optimization is performed in two stages (1 and 2 in the picture below). 

After stages one and two

Three neural networks

select among the top ten ones the version that provides equally good results on both backtest and forward.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Daily range Daily range

Searching for a daily range. We use OBJ_HLINE, OBJ_VLINE.

SetColorFiboLevels_Grand_xN SetColorFiboLevels_Grand_xN

The script builds the Fibonacci Levels graphical object with the option of selecting the number of its segments

SupremAutoFibo SupremAutoFibo

The indicator builds graphical object Fibonacci Levels with many settings at High and Low prices over the period specified in the indicator input parameters

Exp_SpearmanRankCorrelation_Histogram_TimeWeekPeriod Exp_SpearmanRankCorrelation_Histogram_TimeWeekPeriod

Expert Advisor Exp_SpearmanRankCorrelation_Histogram with the added option of trading within the weekly range only, the borders of which are specified in the EA's input settings