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CandlesAutoFibo - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Nikolay Kositsin | English Русский

votes: 9
2019.01.02 14:40

The indicator builds Fibonacci levels at candlestick High and Low, based on the timeframe specified in the indicator parameters.

//| Indicator input parameters                   |
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES Timeframe=PERIOD_D1;  //Indicator timeframe for calculating Fibonacci levels
input uint   NumberofBar=1;                 //Bar number for calculating Fibo levels
input color   FiboColor=clrGray;            //Fibo color
input double  FiboLevel1 = 0.0;             //value of Fibo level 1
input color  Color_Level1 = clrRed;         //color of Fibo level 1
input double  FiboLevel2 = 0.236;           //value of Fibo level 2
input color  Color_Level2 = clrDarkViolet;  //color of Fibo level 2
input double  FiboLevel3 = 0.382;           //value of Fibo level 3
input color  Color_Level3 = clrOrange;      //color of Fibo level 3
input double  FiboLevel4 = 0.500;           //value of Fibo level 4
input color  Color_Level4 = clrMagenta;     //color of Fibo level 4
input double  FiboLevel5 = 0.618;           //value of Fibo level 5
input color  Color_Level5 = clrBlue;        //color of Fibo level 5
input double  FiboLevel6 = 1.000;           //value of Fibo level 6
input color  Color_Level6 = clrRed;         //color of Fibo level 6
input double  FiboLevel7 = 1.236;           //value of Fibo level 7
input color  Color_Level7 = clrDarkViolet;  //color of Fibo level 7
input double  FiboLevel8 = 1.382;           //value of Fibo level 8
input color  Color_Level8 = clrOrange;      //color of Fibo level 8
input double  FiboLevel9 = 1.500;           //value of Fibo level 9
input color  Color_Level9 = clrMagenta;     //color of Fibo level 9
input double  FiboLevel10 = 1.618;          //value of Fibo level 10
input color  Color_Level10 = clrBlue;       //color of Fibo level 10
input double  FiboLevel11 = 2.000;          //value of Fibo level 11
input color  Color_Level11 = clrRed;        //color of Fibo level 11

Fig.1. The CandlesAutoFibo indicator

Fig.1. The CandlesAutoFibo indicator

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Original code:

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