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Day_Of_Week_Lables - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.11.20 12:52

Day of week indicator. Another version of the indicator displaying week days on a price chart. The indicator shows week days with day numbers, month names and week day separators.

There are sixteen customizable parameters:

  • Hours offset - zero hour shift
  • Show days numbers - display date number next to week day name (Yes/No)
  • Day label color - week day name label color
  • Day label font size - week day font size
  • Day label font name - week day font type
  • Day dividing lines color - day separator line color
  • Day dividing lines style - day separator line style
  • Day dividing lines width - day separator line width
  • Show day dividing lines date field - display date field on day separator line (Yes/No)
  • Month label color - month label color
  • Month label font size - month name font size
  • Month label font name - month name font type
  • Month dividing lines color - month separator line color
  • Month dividing lines style - month separator line style
  • Month dividing lines width - month separator line width
  • Show month dividing lines date field - display date field on month separator line (Yes/No)

It is not recommended to run the indicator on a timeframe above H4

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