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Bollinger_Bandwidth_Delta - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.10.25 18:20

Bollinger Bandwidth Delta oscillator displays a relative width of Bollinger Bands for a specified period of time.

There are five inputs:

  • BB period - Bollinger Bands calculation period
  • BB deviation - Bollinger Bands deviation value
  • Delta period - indicator calculation period
  • Applied price
  • Show data in percentage - display calculated correlation of the bands width in % (Yes/No)


  • In %:
    BBD = 100.0 * (Bandwidth-DeltaBandwidth) / DeltaBandwidth
  • In points:
    BBD = (Bandwidth-DeltaBandwidth) / Points


Bandwidth = 2.0 * BB deviation * StdDev/MA DeltaBandwidth - Bandwidth Delta value 'period' bars ago StdDev - Standard Deviation(Applied price,BB period) MA = SMA(Applied price,BB period)

Fig. 1. Bollinger Bandwidth Delta in points

Fig. 2. Bollinger Bandwidth Delta in %

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