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2018.09.27 15:06
ROCX.mq5 (8.04 KB)view

ROCX is a modified ROC (Rate Of Change) indicator displaying an absolute or relative price change.

It is calculated as (current - previous) / previous, not (current / previous - 1).

Three display modes:

  1. Absolute value;
  2. Percent of the previous value;
  3. 1/10 percent of the previous value.

The indicator has three input parameters:

  • Period - calculation period;
  • Applied price;
  • Mode - mode:
    • Absolute value - absolute value;
    • % value - percent of the previous value;
    • %1/10 value - 1/10 percent of the previous value.


  • Absolute value:

    ROCX = diff
  • % value:

    ROCX = 100.0 * diff / PrN
  • % 1/10 value:

    ROCX = 1000.0 * diff / PrN


diff = Applied price - Applied price[Period]
PrN = Applied price[Period]
A positive value indicates the upward direction of change, a negative value means the downward change direction. Greater values mean faster changes.

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Original code:

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