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MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Nikolay Kositsin | English Русский 中文 Español Deutsch 日本語

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2018.09.27 16:15

MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 shows information on the current trends, using the colors of the Wajdyss_Ichimoku_Candle indicator from ten different timeframes.

Each of the ten indicator lines corresponds to a separate indicator. Colors of the lines and colored dots are uniquely defined by the color of the initial indicator candlesticks. Colored dots appear on the lines when the bar of the relevant timeframe changes.

Fig. 1. The MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 indicator

Fig. 1. The MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 indicator

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The MAE (Moving Average Envelopes Percentage) indicator shows the price as a percentage of the Envelopes channel.

DZP_Trend DZP_Trend

The DZP Trend indicator displays the market state as a detrended oscillator, i.e. the trend component is removed from the price, thus showing a clearer picture of the price movement.


The PCR (Percent Retracement) indicator shows the maximum distance by which the price has moved away from the highest High in the specified range.

Wajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 Wajdyss_Ichimoku_x10

The Wajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 indicator displaying the colors of the Wajdyss_Ichimoku_Candle indicator candlesticks from ten different timeframes, from the bar defined in the indicator input parameters.