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2018.09.27 16:16
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The PCR (Percent Retracement) indicator shows the maximum distance by which the price has moved away from the highest High in the specified range.

The indicator has three input parameters:

  • Period - the range;
  • Overbought - overbought level;
  • Oversold - oversold level.


PCR = 100.0 * (1.0 - (Max+Close) / (Max-Min))


  • Min, Max - the highest and lowest prices within the Period interval

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Original code:

MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10

MultiWajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 shows information on the current trends, using the colors of the Wajdyss_Ichimoku_Candle indicator from ten different timeframes.


The MAE (Moving Average Envelopes Percentage) indicator shows the price as a percentage of the Envelopes channel.

Wajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 Wajdyss_Ichimoku_x10

The Wajdyss_Ichimoku_x10 indicator displaying the colors of the Wajdyss_Ichimoku_Candle indicator candlesticks from ten different timeframes, from the bar defined in the indicator input parameters.

OHLC Check OHLC Check

Checking a trading system: Close > Open → BUY signal, Close < Open → SELL signal.