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2018.09.27 16:15
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The Moving Average Envelopes Percentage indicator shows the price as a percentage of the Envelopes channel.

There are five inputs:

  • Period - calculation period;
  • Deviation;
  • Applied price;
  • Overbought - the overbought level is set to 100% of the Envelopes channel by default;
  • Oversold - the oversold level is set to 0% (bottom edge) of the Envelopes channel by default.


MAE = 100 * (Applied price - DN) / (UP - DN)


UP = MA * (1+Deviation / 100.0)
DN = MA * (1-Deviation / 100.0)
MA - MA(Applied price, Period)

Fig. 1. MAE

Fig. 1. MAE

Fig. 2. MAE + Envelopes

Fig. 2. MAE + Envelopes

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Original code:

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