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2018.07.26 16:42
2018.09.26 16:10
Juice.mq5 (7.72 KB)view

For some time there was an indicator called Juice that was used in many systems. This is MetaTrader 5 version of that indicator.

What is it actually? It is a standard deviation indicator that shows if the deviation is below or above some fixed level. That way it can show if the volatility is increased or not compared to that level. So, it is not a directional indicator, but shows times of increased or decreased market volatility and should be used as such.

Elliot Oscillator Simple Elliot Oscillator Simple

This version of Elliot Oscillator allows you to chose periods of calculation.

Range Oscillator + Bands (Smoothed) Range Oscillator + Bands (Smoothed)

This version is the smoothed version of the original Range Oscillator + Bands indicator. Smoothing is cleaning up some false signals and, since the smoothing method is JMA (which has very small lag) the added lag is as small as it can be making it much easier to use in a lot of decision situations.

NonLagMA Keltner Сhannel NonLagMA Keltner Сhannel

Keltner Channel calculated as Non Lag MA +- ATR distance for the bands.

JMA Keltner Сhannel JMA Keltner Сhannel

Keltner Channel calculated as JMA (Jurik Moving Average) +- ATR distance for the bands.