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ADX trend smoothed - multi time frame - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.07.11 17:10

ADX trend (that is a part of adxvma calculation) made as standalone indicator and using Jurik smoothing for result smoothing (in order to lessen the false signals)

It is in a same way as any trend assessment indicator: when the color is changed, the trend is changed too

In this version timeframes supported are all the possible timeframes supported by MetaTrader 5 and it has 3 "special" timeframes:

  • Next higher timeframe: first higher timeframe compared to active chart.
  • Second higher timeframe: second higher timeframe compared to active chart.
  • Third higher timeframe: third higher timeframe compared to active chart.

If some of these 3 timeframes are used, then the timeframe is set automatically as you change the timeframe of the chart.

PS: this is a standalone indicator. It does not need any other indicator in order to work correctly

ADX trend - smoothed ADX trend - smoothed

ADX trend - smoothed

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