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2018.07.13 16:02
Swing_Shift.mq5 (10.44 KB)view

Oscillator Swing Shift displays the MA slope value exceeding the pre-defined threshold and the change in the moving average movement direction as a pulse-changing direction of the indicator histogram.

It has four configurable parameters:

  • Period - calculation period
  • Method - calculation method
  • Applied price - calculation price
  • Threshold - MA slope value threshold


SS = 100.0 * (MA - Anchor) / Anchor


  • If Slope > Threshold и PrevTrend < 1
    Anchor = MA
    Trend = 1
  • Otherwise, if Slope < - Threshold и PrevTrend > 0
    Anchor = MA
    Trend = 0
  • Otherwise
    Anchor = PrevAnchor
    Trend = PrevTrend

Slope = (MA - PrevMA)*Point

MA = MA(Applied price, Period, Method)

Fig 1. Indicator Swing Shift with default settings

Fig. 2. Swing Shift and a comparative MA with the same settings

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Original code:

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