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Trend Strength - Jurik smoothed RSI - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.05.15 13:41

Trend strength assessment based on Jurik smoothed RSI.

The purpose of the "trend strength" is to try to determine when the change of some other indicator is significant enough to make it a trend. Usually the "trend strength" indicator is using smoothed RSI.

This version is using Jurik smoothed RSI. Since that type of smoothing is very responsive to values changes and still produces very smooth results, the produced RSI is a very good basis to be used in the trend strength indicator calculation and produces entry points without too much false signals.

Trend Strength RSX Trend Strength RSX

Trend strength assessment based on RSX.

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ADXVMA Histogram is a binary version of ADXVMA indicator: instead of showing the values of ADXVMA on chart, it displays only the state of the slope of the ADXVMA in a form of a histogram.

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Trend Strength Average uses some of the 4 regular types of averages for trend strength assessment.

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This version extends the basic version of Leader of the MACD with some options that are adding more flexibility to the usage of the indicator.