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Schaff Trend RSI - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.04.17 12:49

Schaff Trend Series indicator that is less known.

While Schaff Trend Cycle is a sort of a double smoothed stochastic of a MACD, this is an RSI of the MACD. It partially reminds of a RSI of Moving Average, but the difference is significant enough to have it as a new indicator. Also, do not expect to have values similar to the Schaff Trend Cycle - they are calculated in a completely different way, and the results are very different.

Kaufman AMA with filter Kaufman AMA with filter

In addition to the usual parameters that are controlling the way Kaufman AMA is calculated, this version has adjustable smoothing and filter that can eliminate insignificant AMA changes.

Bulls and Bears Bulls and Bears

This indicator shows Bulls and Bears power in the same indicator subwindow.

Schaff Trend RSX Schaff Trend RSX

Schaff Trend RSX is "a smoother RSI" without a lag, in this version RSX is calculated instead of RSI. That makes the slope much smoother and produces significantly less color (slope) changes.

Schaff TCD RSI Schaff TCD RSI

Schaff Trend Convergence Divergence indicator has the benefit of putting the Schaff Trend CD on a scale of zero to 100, making it easier to identify potential overbought and oversold levels in a currency trend and is using RSI for a final calculation.