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2018.04.17 12:32

Usually we have one indicator showing bulls power and one showing bears power.

Since they are not having the same ranges of values, they can not be just placed in the same window so that we have one all-in-one bulls and bears power window. This indicator makes this, and thanks to new styles of MetaTrader 5, it is not cluttered - actually it is easy to read the overall states of the two powers. That way we can have more spare space on our charts and still see more information than before.

Kaufman AMA MACD Kaufman AMA MACD

Kaufman AMA MACD is the MACD built exclusively using Kaufman AMA (even signal line is using that). That way this is a completely adaptive MACD (bearing in mind that Kaufman AMA is adaptive Moving Average).

Price Channel Stop Price Channel Stop

The Price Channel Stop indicator shows the current estimated trend based on channel period and desired risk. It also shows two levels of values that can be used as a stop loss for orders opened based on this indicator (using the trend color change can be used as a signal for a new order opening as well as closing already opened orders).

Kaufman AMA with filter Kaufman AMA with filter

In addition to the usual parameters that are controlling the way Kaufman AMA is calculated, this version has adjustable smoothing and filter that can eliminate insignificant AMA changes.

Schaff Trend RSI Schaff Trend RSI

Schaff Trend RSI is an RSI of the MACD.