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2018.02.06 15:10

Originally developed bu Cynthia Kase (in her book "Trading With the Odds"). This version is calculating the DevStops exactly as described in the book.

Engineering a Better Stop: The Kase DevStops

What all of this boils down to is that we need to take variance and skew into consideration when we are establishing a system for setting stops. Three steps that we can take in order to both better define and to minimize the threshold of uncertainty in setting stops are:

  1. Consideration of the variance or the standard deviation of range.
  2. Consideration of the skew, or more simply, the amount at which range can spike in the opposite direction of the trend.
  3. Reformation of our data to be more consistent (this step is examined in detail in Chapter 81, while minimizing the degree of uncertainty as much as possible).

Smoothed Rate of Change Smoothed Rate of Change

Smoothed Rate of Change (Smoothed-RoC) is a refinement of Rate of Change (RoC) indicator that was developed by Fred G Schutzman. It differs from the RoC in that it based on Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) rather than on price closes. Like the RoC, Smoothed RoC is a leading Momentum indicator that can be used to determine the strength of a trend by determining if the trend is accelerating or decelerating. The Smoothed RoC does this by comparing the current EMA to value that the EMA was a specified periods ago. The use of EMAs rather than the price close eliminates the erratic tendencies of the RoC.

Percentage Price Oscillator Extended Percentage Price Oscillator Extended

The Percentage Price Oscillator Extended (PPO) is a technical Momentum indicator showing the relationship between two Moving Averages. To calculate the PPO, subtract the 26-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) from the nine-day EMA, and then divide this difference by the 26-day EMA. The end result is a percentage that tells the trader where the short-term average is relative to the longer-term average.

DevStops DevStops

A variation of Deviation Stops (DevStops) indicator. Some are wrongly calling this version a Kase DevStops (which it is not - Kase DevStops indicator is calculated in a quite different way), but this version has its good points too and can be used in regular support/resistance mode. Additionally each DevStop value is colored according to the slope (trend) of the line - when all are aligned in the same direction, it can be treated as a confirmed trend change.

Volume Rate of Change Volume Rate of Change

The Volume Rate of Change indicator (VROC) measures the rate of change in volume over the past "n" sessions. In other words, the VROC measures the current volume by comparing it to the volume "n" periods or sessions ago.