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ShowImportantParams - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2017.03.02 09:48

The indicator shows symbol and account parameters, some of which are subject to change during important news releases or before the close of a weekly session.


The following parameters may change:

  • Leverage — can be decreased, e.g. during important news releases, before market close on Friday.
  • StopLevel — stop loss and take profit levels (in points). They may increase during the news release and at the end of the session.
  • MarginCall — when this drawdown level is reached, it is recommended to make a deposit or to close some deals.
  • StopOut — when this drawdown level is reached, broker may force close part of the losing deals.
The following parameters are constantly changing, depending on the current quotes of the symbol.
  • PointPrice — the value of one point in the deposit currency.
  • SpreadSmooth — the current spread average on SpreadSmoothTicks ticks.
  • RealSpread — the current spread without averaging.
  • SpreadPrice — the value of the average spread in the deposit cirrency.


  • FontSize
  • FontColor
  • FontName
  • XOffset — horizontal offset from the bottom left corner in pixels
  • YOffset — vertical offset from the bottom left corner in pixels and the distance between lines
  • SpreadSmoothTicks — spread value averaging period

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Original code:

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