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SymbolSynthesizer_Chart - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Atsushi Yamanaka | English Español Português 日本語 Deutsch Русский

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2016.01.08 13:58
2016.11.22 07:32

Same concept with Triangle Hedge (Symbol Synthesizer for MT5), but for chart display in MetaTrader 4.

It synthesizes any symbol if you have the source symbols in Market Watch window and then makes a real time offline chart like Period_Converter_Opt.mq4 (

So, basic use is same with Period_Converter_Opt since this is based on it.

Differences in Parameter settings are:

  • extern int     spread      = 0;

Spread in points for sSym01 (Attached chart symbol). 0 means current.

Since MetaTrader 4 history file doesn't have past spread data, we need them to determine Ask price for the case dividing to calculate the virtual prices.

  • extern int     vDigits     = 5;

The digits for synthesized symbol. This is replaced OmitDigit (from Period_Converter_Opt.mq4).

  • extern string vSymbol   ="EURUSD_v";

The one you want to generate. Any name is OK but less than 11 characters.

  • string sSym01    ="EURGBP";  // (Not external variable)

Source symbol#1. 

It is automatically set from the attached chart Symbol.

You should attach this tool on this symbol chart to avoid getting "Insufficient Data Error" when sCal is "D" and if the history file of sSym01 is not sufficient.

  • extern string sSym02    ="GBPUSD";

Source symbol#2.

It has to be and exact same name on Market Watch include prefix and/or suffix.

  • extern string sCal    ="M";

The calculation to synthesize. "M" means "Multiply", or put "D" means "Divide".

If the virtual price of vSymbol can be calculated by sSym01 multiply sSym02, put "M".

Ex: vSymbol="EURUSD"   sSym01="EURGBP"   sSym02="GBPUSD"

      vSymbol="EURJPY"   sSym01="EURGBP"   sSym02="GBPJPY"

      vSymbol="EURJPY"   sSym01="EURUSD"   sSym02="USDJPY"

      vSymbol="BTCJPY"   sSym01="BTCUSD"   sSym02="USDJPY"

      Note: sSym01 and sSym02 can be switched with each other since we multiply them. Major pair should be sSym01 for more often ticks.

If the virtual price of vSymbol can be calculated by sSym02 divided by sSym01, put "D" or any other string but "M".

Ex: vSymbol="USDJPY"   sSym01="EURUSD"   sSym02="EURJPY"

      vSymbol="ZARJPY"   sSym01="USDZAR"   sSym02="USDJPY"

     vSymbol="EURUSD"   sSym01="USDJPY"   sSym02="EURJPY"

     Note: sSym01 and sSym02 can NOT be switched with each other since we divide.

Those under-lined currencies are "media" currencies.


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