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Period Converter Optimized - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2005.11.29 14:11
2017.06.26 11:40
CPU.gif (12.81 KB)
Lastest Version: 1.4

2005.12.24  1.4      faster to detect if data changed by removing float point  operations, added support to output CSV file in real time.
                            OutputCSVFile = 0 means no CSV.
                            OutputCSVFile = 1 means CSV + HST.
                            OutputCSVFile = 2 CSV only, no HST .
                            (useful if you want to generate CSV for builtin periods)
                            CSV Filename will be the same as HST file except the extension added safe checking for PeriodMultiplier.

    Screenshot is the CPU cost on P4 1.8G when refreshing with M1->M3, M10 and H1->H2 together.

    The steps to use the script after installing is almost same as the default MT4 period converter.
    Use this script to make nonstandard timeframe of symbol based on standard timeframe. For example, to make 3-hours timeframe H3 for selected symbol you
    1. Open H1 chart.
    2. Attach to chart 'Period_converter_opt.mq4' MQL4 file from 'Custom Indicator' folder of 'Navigator' window.
    3. On 'Common' tab check 'Allow DLL imports' checkbox.
    4. On 'Inputs' properties tab please set 'PeriodMultiplier' variable value to 3 (you'll get H1*3 = H3).
    5. Click OK.
    6. Open H3 chart in offline mode ('File – Open Offline'). H3 chart will be updated real-time (by default) while H1 chart with attached 'Period_converter_opt.mq4'

    Read below for more details:
I. Features:
This is an improved version of period converter for MT4 based on the MT4's default period converter by metaquotes. The default period converter script do not
support real-time refreshing, and consume lots of CPU (50%-9x%) making the whole system slow. Also, the default one is a script which do not save when you
exit MT4, so you have to apply every converter script again after restarting, quite annoying. This one fixed all above problems:
1. Real-time updating or custom interval millisecond level updating.
2. Low CPU cost, average 5%-10% or less.
3. Works as an indicator, so can be saved and reloaded during restart.
4. There is no one converter per chart limitation as it is not script any more, you can only use one window as source to generate as many new timeframe chart
as possible.
5. Auto updating if there is new history block loaded.

II. How to use:

Copy the mq4 file to your MT4 indicators folder (experts\indicators) to install it as an indicator, NOT script. then in the custom indicator list, attach
period_converter_opt to the chart you want. It support 4 parameters:
PeriodMultiplier:    new period multiplier factor, default is 2;
UpdateInterval:      update interval in milliseconds, zero means update real-time. default is zero;
Enabled:             You can disable it without remove it with this option.
Other parameters are comments or for debugging, it is safe to ignore them. Also Make sure you have Allow Dll imports option checked in common tab or it won't
work. After that, File->Open Offline to open the generated offline data. then the offline data will be updated automatically.

    As long as you keep the source chart open and the converter indicator running, the generated chart including indicators inside will always be updated. also
you can close the generated chart and open again later from File->Open Offline without problem.

    If you want to quit MT4, you can leave those offline chart as other normal online charts. when you start MT4 next time, those charts will also be loaded and

III. Notes:
1. Do NOT uncheck the "offline chart" option in offline chart common properties or after MT4 restart, it will treat that chart as online chart and request the data
from server, resulting empty chart window.

2. You can attach more than one converter to same window with different PeriodMultiplier, e.g: you can attach 3 converter with PeriodMultiplier = 2, 4, 10 to M1
to generate M2, M4, M10 at the same time. It is even ok to use the M1 chart to generate Hourly chart like H2, which only cost a few more CPU resource during
initial conversion. but usually most server don't have much data for those short period, resulting the generated data isn't long enough for long period. so it is
suggested to use Hourly/Daily charts as source when needed.

3. The real-time updating mode updates quotes as fast as possible, but as this is done via script, and MT will skip calling start() function when your PC is busy
and lots of quotes income. anyway, this seldom happen, and you can at least get 10 updates each seconds which is much more  than enough.

4. The offline chart don't have a bid line showing in chart, but all data in the chart including the indicators is still being updated, so don't worry. you can show
the bid line by unclick the "offline chart" option in chart properties. but which don't helps much and if you forget to check "offline chart" option before exit. It
will cause errors and become empty on next startup. you have to close the window and open again from File->Open offline, which don't worth the trouble.

IV. History:
2005.12.24  1.4      faster to detect if data changed by removing float point operations, added support to output CSV file.
                            OutputCSVFile = 0 means no CSV;
                            OutputCSVFile = 1 means CSV + HST;
                            OutputCSVFile = 2 CSV only, no HST;
                            (useful if you want to generate CSV for builtin periods)
                            CSV Filename will be the same as HST file except the extension, added safe checking for PeriodMultiplier.

2005.12.04  1.3      Fixed missing data when there is large amount of data loaded in several blocks, and support auto updating when new history is loaded.

2005.11.29  1.2      Additional fix for missing data and server changing.

2005.11.29  1.1      Fixed missing partial data after restart. Reinitialize after changing server or data corrupted.

2005.11.28  1.0      Initial release

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