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2015.12.10 13:27

PinBar - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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pin.mq4 (8.48 KB)view

The indicator marks the pin bars on the chart based on the parameters set, such as:

  • the maximum size;
  • the minimum size;
  • the "depth" of a pin bar (opening and closing price zone in percentage of the size);
  • mark only on daily extremums.

The indicator settings window

The indicator settings window

The chart's display at "Only extremum = false"

The chart's display at "Only extremum = false"

The chart's display at "Only extremum = true"

The chart's display at "Only extremum = true"


  • As the pin bar is a "Price Action" pattern, it is recommended to use a timeframe no lower than H1.

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Original code:

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