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Trade History Export to CSV - indicator for MetaTrader 4

Xuefei Xiong | English Español Português Русский 中文 Deutsch 日本語

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2015.07.02 13:37
2016.11.22 07:32

Exports CSV file to analyze trade history for a symbol.

Input parameters:

  • InputFileName — export file name
  • InputDirectoryName — export directory name
  • InputHistoryStartDateTime — analysis start date
  • InputHistoryEndDateTime — analysis end date
  • Analysis trade type:
    • OpBuy — Buy
    • OpBuyLimit — Buy Limit
    • OpBuyStop — Buy Stop
    • OpSell — Sell
    • OpSellLimit — Sell Limit
    • OpSellStop — Sell Stop


  • Press "Export CSV" button on the main chart.
  • Directory: File -> Open Data Folder -> MQL4\Files


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