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Equivolume and range-bars in the strategy tester - script for MetaTrader 4

2016.03.07 09:59

The script is an updated version of the FXTFileMaker script (see Conversion of the real tick data into FXT files of the strategy tester, which describes what *.tks file is and how to work with it).

Among the revolutionary novelties are the abilities to create:

  • any chart timeframe that is a multiple of one second, and not just from the standard timeframes set;
  • chart of equally high candlesticks (range bars);
  • equivolume charts.

 The minimum period of an equivolume chart is equal to 1 tick, which allows to create even the tick chart type in the strategy tester visualizer.

 For further details look here.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Ltd.
Original code:

The logarithmic rate of return, or the increment of price logarithms The logarithmic rate of return, or the increment of price logarithms

This indicator can be useful for arbitrageurs.

Slope Direction Line Slope Direction Line

The Slope Direction Line trend indicator, used by the Hammering EA from the Market section.

i-DivergenceBar i-DivergenceBar

The indicator points at the reverse bars based on the Profitunity system by Bill Williams excluding the angulation relative to the Alligator indicator mouth.

UpDown UpDown

The indicator displays the pairs with the current price most/least distant from the opening price.