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2015.05.21 09:11
atrrange.mq4 (6.01 KB)view

This indicator is used in AtrBreakGrid Expert Advisor and explains how it works.

After low-volatility periods it is time for an impulse which should be used for the flat breakout strategy.

EURUSD H1 shows the best results.

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Original code:

ZigZag Arrow ZigZag Arrow

ZigZag Arrow indicator is based on a built-in ZigZag indicator that replaces the Line Section with Arrow.

RealValueExtended RealValueExtended

An extended version of my RealValue indicator with a new parameter.

Convergent Divergent Range Volatility Convergent Divergent Range Volatility

The indicator analyzes price volatility for optimal setting of Take Profit and Stop Loss.

MA Triple Median MA Triple Median

This indicator draws 3 Moving Averages by median price.