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The AtrBreakGrid Expert Advisor trades based on volatility calculation. Working symbol is EURUSD H1.

The EA finds low-volatility periods on the chart. In the first figure, these signals are marked with red and yellow dots. Then the EA places a net of orders for the breakthrough in both sides. Orders are closed when a total profit of 1%-2% is reached, or when the relative drawdown reaches 50%. If the drawdown reaches 50%, the EA opens a locking order and stops trading until the order is closed manually.

Before running the EA, optimize it on the history for the last few weeks. The second figure features the result for 4 months from the beginning of January 2015 until the end of April. Parameters are taken from the test results for December. Volatility of currencies is variable, so it is necessary to adjust for it. Optimize once a month or more often (every week).


  • Risk = 1.8, percent of the profit per a series of orders. It depends on the volatility. Optimizable.
  • ProfitK = 1.8 volatility ratio. Optimizable.
  • Filter = 4 distance from the signal candlestick in points where orders are placed. Optimizable.
  • InitialBalance = 100 initial balance in the deposit currency. Required to reduce risks as the deposit grows. If set to 0, control is disabled.
  • Drawdown = 50 drawdown value, which being reached a locking order will be placed.

After optimization, choose the values of Risk, ProfitK and Filter so that the relative drawdown in the tester does not exceed 50% while the profit is maximal.

Recommended initial deposit:

  • Cent account, leverage 1:1000 - $50
  • Cent account, leverage 1:500 - $100
  • Normal account, leverage1:500 - $1000, i.e. 10 times greater than on a cent account.

The EA works both on 4-digit and 5-digit quotes.

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Version 1.2 - 2015.05.05
Improved risk calculation for standart accounts.
Added ability to open orders with minimal lot, Risk=0.0