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2015.01.26 08:12

Making ScreenShot - script for MetaTrader 4

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screenshot.mq4 (2.56 KB)view

The script will create a gif image section of the chart in the root directory of the program (MQL4/Files/ScreenShots).

If successful, the file creation works beep. Create a screen name, you can simply drag the script from the browser to the chart.

Continue the whole area between the extreme lower right corner of the graph and the mouse cursor. Windows indicators are also included.


Image sizes can be very different:




Indicators are also displayed correctly:



  • If you interfere with the audio signal, it can simply be removed by changing the source code:
To do this, open the editor MetaEditor, open the script there and find these lines:

//#property show_inputs      if you want every time to change these settings, then remove the first two forward slashes

input string   dir="//ScreenShots/"; - You can specify a folder, but necessarily in the program directory

input bool     play_sound=true;      - if you do not need a sound, change the true to false

  • This script can not take pictures with the middle of the chart. You can take pictures only at its end. Since the right boundary of the picture - the current date and time.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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