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2014.09.02 09:55
2016.11.22 07:32
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This a little contribution for the wonderful community. I inspired my indicator by Edgar Peters work. It is a fractal volatility indicator based on Bollerslev Model. ARMA and ARCH models could help to understand forecast.

The indicator grows when the volatility of the market is high. The changes or variation can be predicted as well. Almost you have greater value of indicator when up or down tendency. All critics are accepted to improve the indicator.

I added an improvement to better results ()

In version 1.1 you can reverse GARCH (1,1) or just leave as default behavior. If you've already downloaded it, re-download it to test the improvements

Version 1.2 is better, you can customize more parameters. I use this new code and result is so good.


Fractal volatily indicator based on Bollerslev Model

WelchCandlesticks_v2 WelchCandlesticks_v2

Change of the spread is being reflected in the candlestick formation, which you can use to more accurately place your stops and not get kicked out of a trade when it might just be challenging a price before making a huge swing in the direction you initially placed your trade.

Regression Channel with variable polynomial degree, Indicator & EA Regression Channel with variable polynomial degree, Indicator & EA

This is a fast adaptation of old source to MetaTrader 4 b600 environment.

RobotiADXwining RobotiADXwining

Expert Advisor work with one hour chart, and is the best robot for now, plays a sound when orders/alarms are executed and multiply positions by 10 when 5 digits is true, trailing stops every tick regardless of Execution Mode.

COrdersCounter COrdersCounter

The simple class for counting of the orders with different filters: by symbol of currency, Magic Number, either closed, either opened orders.