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2012.07.06 08:18

MACD MA Price - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The standard MACD indicator is calculated by formulas:



where main line (MACD) is drawn on the exponential moving average (EMA), a signal line (SIGNAL) on the simple moving average (SMA), and applied price is limited to the closing price (CLOSE).

The proposed indicator MACD MA Price is more elastic in input parameters. It will allow you to use other moving averages and standard spectrum of applied prices. This indicator is prepared based on MACD template.

Taking into account additional input parameters in indicator MACD MA Price, formulas are as follow:

MACD = MACD_MA_method (Applied_price, 12) - MACD_MA_method (Applied_price, 26)
SIGNAL = Signal_MA_method (MACD, 9),

For those who will want in formula (1) have possibility to select separate mode of moving average, an additional modification of the indicator MACD MA Price-2 is prepared:

MACD = MACD_MA_method_1 (Applied_price, 12) - MACD_MA_method_2 (Applied_price, 26)

SIGNAL = Signal_MA_method (MACD, 9),

Input parameters:

MACD_MA_method, MACD_MA_method_1, MACD_MA_method_2 и Signal_MA_method:

  • 0 - Simple moving average,
  • 1 - Exponential moving average,
  • 2 - Smoothed moving average,
  • 3 - Linear weighted moving average.


  • 0 - close price,
  • 1 - open price,
  • 2 - high price,
  • 3 - low price,
  • 4 - median price, (high+low)/2,
  • 5 - typical price, (high+low+close)/3,
  • 6 - weighted close price, (high+low+close+close)/4.

After receiving suggestions, I prepared some additional modifications with colored histogram. Take them from zip-file with description of input parameters.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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