Trade AUDUSD with MFG 2022

Trade AUDUSD with MFG 2022

19 December 2022, 14:18
Encho Enev

How to work with the Expert Advisor MFG 2022.
The program is extremely easy to work with. It is enough to start the program by dragging it into the 15-minute  timeframe AUDUSD window.
The specially developed algorithm determines the entry points for opening short or long positions. 
Let's take a look at some of the basic setup features of the program. In setting you will see next opportunities.

sett 1

If Select true, the system determines the size of the lots, depending on the set percentage. If Select false, the system will work with the set fixed lot size.

If you use grid. 

After opening 2 or more orders, in chart you will see line of zero calculation all orders. 

sett zero

- Here you choose whether to use floating profit or not. If you select false, then the system will close all orders with profit specified in the field Get Profit /deff. value is 5 /

sett float

sett tp

-  K-inc is multiplier to determine the size of each subsequent lot.  By default, k-inc is 1.0. Which means that each subsequent lot will be the size of the previous one /  0.02,0.02,0.02,0.02....... /

 / For example  K-ink = 1.5  lots will be  1,2,3,4,5..... /

- The maximum number of orders is defined in field Max Orders / If you use grid /

sett 2

- The Extra grid field defines the minimum distance between each order.

- TP for First Order sets the profit for the first order ONLY.

sett e grid

You can stop the use of grid very easily. In the Extra Grid field, enter an extremely large value, for example 20000.

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Good luck to all traders.