How to setup Telegram To MT4 Copier

6 September 2021, 16:45
Trinh Dat
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This is step by step to setup Telegram To MT4 Copier and Telegram To MT5 Copier

 -  First you need install EA to your MT4 / MT5, copy EA (ex4 file) to Experts folder of MT4/MT5.

 -  Download Telegram to MetaTrader App at link , then extract all file to your PC, run file Telegram2MetaTrader.exe

 -  If the App not work, then you must install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable", download file here or at link . Skip the step if your Windows did install it before. 

 -  The App is only support Windows, but not support for Windows 7 and lower, with VPS support Windows server 2012 R2 or higher.

 -  if your signal use Image, you need to download tesseract here, install tesseract, normal it will install to folder "C:\Program Files\Tesseract-OCR\tesseract.exe", if path is different, go to Telegram App folder, open file tesseract.set and replace path.

 -  Do not close Telegram2MetaTrader Apps when run EA on MT4 / MT5.

Expert Parameters

 -  Input Chat ID of Telegram Signal: After select channel signal from Telegram copier App, copy the ID number before name of channel to here. For multi channel signal, let open new chart and attach EA.

Inputs below to managament signal and orders.

  • Maximum open signals( 0 - no limit )
  • Do not copy new entry signal when loss money
  • Do not copy new entry signal when loss % of balance
  • Addition to SL of Signal (point)
  • Addition to TP of Signal (point)
  • Lot Size Management: fixed lot, lots base on balance, lots from signal, lots base on % of balance
  • Multiplier of Lots for TP 1/2/3: allow user change lots or do not trade at one TP level.
  • Breakeven when order hit TP 1
  • Trailing stop loss to previous take profit when higher take profit reached

Inputs below to define signal or not signal.

  • Signal start with the text: "vip signal" --> then if signal not include "vip signal", ignore it
  • Signal do not include text: "report, results, summary" --> then if signal include the text", ignore it

Inputs below to define header of each type signal, let check your signal and add more.

  • Open Order Signal = "open order"
  • Close Order Signal = "close order, stoploss order, takeprofit order, order tp, order sl"
  • Cancel Order Signal = "cancel order, order canceled"
  • Modify Order Signal = "modify order, modify tp, modify sl, modification"
  • Partial Close Order Signal = "close partial, partial close"
  • Close Half Order Signal = "close half"
  • Breakeven Signal = "breakeven, sl to entry, stoploss to entry"

Inputs below to define Symbol on Signal

  • Define lists of Non-Standard Symbols: "GOLD=XAUUSD, SILVER=XAGUSD" --> symbol on signal is GOLD, symbol on your broker XAUUSD, so GOLD=XAUUSD ...
  • Special character in symbol = "/" --> symbol on signal is EUR/USD, but on your broker EURUSD, so must input /


This is an example to understand how EA work and input text for Variable. Let see the telegram signal below:

      New signal

      Buy EURUSD now at 1.1805

      Take profit at 1.1830

      Take profit 2 at 1.1850

      Take profit 3 at 1.1880

      Stop loss at 1.1780

First all text will convert to uppercase, so you do not need to input uppercase.

  • Signal start with the text = "new signal"  --> then EA only get message have text "new signal", no input to get all message.
  • The text before Open Price = "now at"  --> this case is "now at",  but sometime signal have text "at price" or only "now" before price, then you must add all to the input as "now at, at price, now", it work as dictionary.
  • The text before Take Profit = "take profit" --> signal have "take profit 2" , "take profit 3", but no need to input them, EA auto detect and sort it.
  • The text before Stop Loss = "stop loss"

The telegram signal have 3 TP level, so it will open 3 order with each TP level. but when change inputs "Multiplier of Lots for TP 1/2/3" = 0,1,1

then it will not open order at TP1.

If you have any questions, contact me

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