Grid EA GS smart. Manual for trader

Grid EA GS smart. Manual for trader

23 November 2020, 10:55
Aleksander Gladkov
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GS smart grid advisor how to use.

Market URL for MT4: GS smart Market URL for MT5: GS smart5

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To start trading, simply attach the EA to the EURUSD chart, M5 timeframe for an account from $500 with a leverage of 1:500 and above (optimally $1000 and 1:1000).

The GS smart order parameters set in the centers will work only for USD accounts, allowing EA to automatically take into account the cost of one point.

Therefore, for USD accounts you can use GS smart with default settings for any forex instruments.

Preferably EURUSD, GBRUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD and XAUUSD (Gold) M5, H1 timeframes.

For accounts in other currencies, order parameters values will be considered set in points.

The EA displays four panels on the chart:

  • Manage your trading settings
  • News impact indicator 
  • Trend indication for timeframes: M5, M15, H1, D1
  • Current gain since the start of the Expert Advisor launch (Gain since start MT5 indicator)

The trading settings panel includes buttons:

  • Close orders SELL, Close orders BUY
  • Use orders SELL, Use orders BUY
  • Use Auto Direction Trade
  • Take Maximum profit, Breakeven
  • Open New Series
  • Manual trading buttons SELL and BUY
  • Lot size input field for SELL and BUY
  • R Button (Reset lot size for Manual trading)
  • Automatic Hedge Mode On / Off Button
  • Button for manual opening / closing of Hedge order
  • Button for Active Hedging mode

When you click the button on the control panel, you change the value of the corresponding parameter of the Expert Advisor. There is no difference to set the parameter in the properties of the Expert Advisor or change it on the panel. The Active Hedging mode is disabled by default, if it is turned on constantly, the profitability of the Expert Advisor will significantly decrease.

    The news feed settings panel displays information about upcoming news on the currency pair with buttons to enable/disable filtering of news by importance: Low, Medium, High. As well as the News Filter button, which prohibits the opening of orders before and after the news displayed on the feed.

    The MT5 GS smart5 uses a news indicator News Impact that does not require external resources.

    For MT4 GS smart to access the Forex Factory news feed in the Options terminal menu on the Expert Advisors tab, you need to enable WebRequest:

    1. Start of trading

    1.1 Attach the Expert Advisor to the chart by setting the parameters Open New Series=false and Show Trend panel on the chart=true.
    1.2 Analyze the market situation:

    1.2.1 Upcoming news in the NEWS panel. If important news is expected to be released soon, it is better to wait until the market processes them and start trading later.

    1.2.2 Trend direction on the current timeframe and especially on the ones: H1, D1. It is important to decide on the direction of trading: it is safer to trade in the direction of the trend, if it is expected. To do this, you need to set the corresponding values of the Trade SELL and Trade BUY buttons and set Use Auto Direction Trade-OFF. If you leave Use Auto Direction Trade-ON, the Expert Advisor will switch the Trade SELL and Trade BUY trade permissions itself, depending on the trend on the current timeframe.

    1.2.3 You can take into account the signal of the reversal indicator, its current value is displayed on the Gain panel.

    1.3 Decide how the order groups will be closed: the Take Maximum profit button. Immediately after crossing the TP line or taking into account the trend for maximum profit.

    1.4 Analyze the values of max spread and minimum spread on the gain panel. If the values are very different, it is necessary to exclude the opening of orders at an unfavorable moment. To do this, you need to set the value of the "Maximum spread for opening orders" parameter.

    1.5 To start trading, set the Open New Series - ON button.
    1.6 If the Expert Advisor did not immediately open an order in the desired direction, you can press the SELL or BUY button to force the order to open.

    2. Using the SELL and BUY buttons

    Pressing these buttons immediately opens the corresponding order, the lot size of which is set in the Lot size input fields under the buttons (you can adjust it before clicking). At the same time, the lot size in the input fields below does not change. In order to recalculate the lot sizes in the input fields of the following order, depending on the number of open orders, use the R button. Orders opened by buttons are included in the work of the Expert Advisor's trading algorithm on a general basis. It should be borne in mind that the Expert Advisor's trading algorithm is self-sufficient and does not require the trader to open additional orders. However, there is a possible mode of operation when the opening of new sessions and the permission to open new orders is disabled in the settings, then the adviser will wait for orders from the trader using the SELL and BUY buttons to accompany them in order to close the series with a profit in accordance with the set parameter.

    3. Use Intensive Trade

    The intensive trading mode consists in an additional opening of an order in the direction of a successful transaction immediately after closing, if the number of orders in the series does not exceed 2. This allows you to collect profit well when the market is trending.

    4. Hedging

    4.1 Active Hedging

    Active Hedging is an algorithm for saving a deposit from an emerging drawdown. The reason for switching on the AH mode is the trader's confidence that the market movement will continue in the same direction.

    Click the "Active Hedging" button immediately turns on AH mode (the button turns green) and starts creating orders in the direction of the opposite series with less profit. Pressing it again disables the mode and stops the creation of AH orders (the button turns red). The only condition for enabling Active Hedging mode is the presence of at least one open order.

    In addition, setting the Limit drawdown for activation AH % = 12 parameter,, will allow the Expert Advisor to run Active Hedging mode at the appropriate drawdown.  

    Active Hedging mode fixes the initial value of the deposit and begins to automatically open a series of profitable orders, which, in case of a prolonged trend, compensate for the loss and when the total profit of all open orders is positive, they are closed. If the market turns around, the mode will probably open orders that were previously unprofitable, but are now in profit. In this mode, the Expert Advisor does not record a loss, but its work may be too long, then the trader can simply turn Active Hedging off and the adviser will continue to work in the previous mode.
    The use of the AH mode is safe, since the EA stops the opening of unprofitable orders and does not close the loss under any circumstances.
    Activation of the mode is recommended when drawdown no higher than 20%.

    4.2 Use Hedge order

    There are two buttons: Hedge % and Hedge order. Turning on the first one gives control to open a hedge order to an adviser who is waiting for the right moment. The second opens a hedge order immediately. A hedge order has a stop loss and take profit.

    The Hedge algorithm consists in opening an order of the opposite direction with a loss one when the drawdown reaches the Persent Equity for activate Hedge value. The order size is calculated as the sum of the volumes of all unprofitable orders multiplied by the Hedge order Lot Increment Factor.TP Hedge order and SL Hedge order are placed for the order. The trailing mode of a hedge order is possible, if the value of the Hedge order Trailing Step is greater than 0. All orders will be closed when the drawdown decreases to Persent Equity for close Hedge.

    Use mode Use Hedge = true; for a starting deposit more than $1000.

    5. End of trading

    5.1 Set the Open New Series - OFF button. The Expert Advisor will work until it closes the open series of orders.
    5.2 Disable the Take Maximum profit button. In this case, the EA will close the series faster.

    5.3 Enable the Breakeven button. In this case, the EA will close the series as soon as the market crosses the Breakeven line. The series will close at breakeven.

      6. Profit

      Periodically, you should withdraw part of the deposit as it increases. For the advisor to work, a deposit of $1000 (lot 0.01) is enough.

      When you have withdrawn 100% of the deposit amount, all subsequent withdrawals can be considered profit.

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