EA Sparta - New mode: AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging

EA Sparta - New mode: AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging

13 February 2020, 06:26
Mikhail Sergeev

Many users of the Sparta trading system complained that the system's behavior is very conservative. And they would like to see more action in their terminals, even at the cost of high risks, because Autotrading should bring emotions and pleasure. So we were faced with the task of creating a modification that satisfies such requests.

The main goal was not to spoil or complicate the main system. Fortunately, EA Sparta is not just an expert Advisor, it is a multifunctional platform for creating trading strategies. That's why we started creating a new trading mode: AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging.

 AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging

In Sparta 1.3, in addition to the AutoTrade 7 pairs and Manual modes, the AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging mode was added. The basic algorithm of the expert Advisor works with lateral movements, it was added to the completely independent system that works in trends. The new trend system is equipped with a grid.

As a result, mutual hedging of the two systems was achieved. The number of transactions increased by 2.5 times. The profit increased by 1.5 times.

In the screenshot, you can see the symbiosis of the two systems.

Симбиоз двух систем

Test for 2019: AutoTrade 7 pairs

Тест за 2019 год: AutoTrade 7 pairs

Test for 2019: AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging

Тест за 2019 год: AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging

The results of AutoTrade 7 pairs + Averaging look much better, but it is important to remember that averaging carries the risks of a lack of provision for positions.

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EA Sparta version without restrictions: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38374

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