Trade Plan EURUSD: Entry must at Actual S/R based A2SR

Trade Plan EURUSD: Entry must at Actual S/R based A2SR

13 September 2017, 18:41
Yohana Parmi

Hi traders,

At this situation, EURUSD I prefer to prepare a trade plan at strong Support level
that we expected the price will soon rebound after hit the level.

 Key breakdown is at 1.1875 

This screenshot has many words to explain, and people who understand to work with supply and demand
would be able to get the benefit on it.

To prepare EURUSD fall in the next days, then we can use technique CFK,

catch falling knife by pending order Buy Limit there, and 1st target is about at 1.1840

Let the market to decide when price will hit there.


That is not trades recommendation.

I share with you as example how to create a Swing trade plan with A2SR.Description
Download user guide here :

You can also create your own trade plan, short-term or swing.

We don't need draw anything in chart, because A2SR has a original concept for determining actual SR levels.

We will have plenty of time to overview the market before make a trade plan.

Plan your trade, trade your plan

Good luck,

Yohana ✿´‿`)

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