CAP Universal Grid User Guide (Input Parameters)

5 July 2017, 15:56
Mohammad Ali
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1.0) Input Parameters of The EA

When loading the expert to any chart, you will be presented with a set of options as input parameters. Don't despair if you think they are too many, because parameters are grouped into self-explanatory blocks. The buy and sell grids have different parameters, but their names areexactly the same. So, those parameters will be explained just once below.


−     Trade Direction: The trading direction sets the behavior of the open initial trade only. Trade Direction is only work when you set your Initial Trade Type=Auto Trading/Custom Plugin/Premium Code/Instant Order. 

  1. Both Side (Long and Short): EA open both Long and Short base on Initial trade setup.

  2. Any One Signal Side:  EA open only one initial trade at a time (it may be Long or Short).
    Example- You set your Initial Trade Type - Auto Trading and Your Auto Trading is BBand. When Buy Signal come, EA open Long trade and Long grid. Until close this cycles, EA ignore all signal. After close all trade then EA open again initial trade base on signal, it May be Long or Short.  

  3. Long Side Only:  EA open only Long initial trade. Ignore all sell signal.

  4. Short Side Only:  EA open only Short initial trade. Ignore all buy signal.

−     Trade Only In New Candle: If True, EA open one Grid trade in one candle only. Example- Your Grid Spacing in Points=200 and TradeOnlyInNewCandle=true. You open a Buy initial trade, when your trade in loss 200 points, EA open a buy grid trade,then price down again 200 points but EA will not open grid trade again because this is same candle, EA will open grid trade again then new candle come. 


−     Grid Behavior: This parameter controls how grid operates.

  1. Running: EA keep running to open Grid trade.

  2. Paused:  EA stop to open any grid trade. EA only stop to open any grid trade only but EA's function will be running. 

−     Max Grid Trades: This is the amount of trades in the grid.

−     Grid Spacing in Points: The spacing, also known as the GRID GAP, is the distance between the trades of the grid.

−     Grid Limit: This is the price limit for the grid: the grid will not continue trading beyond this price. This parameter enables us to configure grids that are only triggered if the market is inside a certain price range. For example, you can set up a buy grid on GOLD and instruct the grid to buy only if the price is below 1300$/oz. To do that, you would just enter 1300 in the Buy Grid Limit parameter. The same applies for short but on the opposite side.

−     Grid Anchor:Similar to the above parameter, the Grid Anchor is a price limit of the grid but on the negative side. This parameter enables us to limit the grid trading activity to a predefined trading range. For example, you might want to create a long grid on EURUSD from 1.0000 to 1.16250 and let the EA calculate the spacing for you. The EA won't trade EURUSD below 1.0000 or above 1.16250.


−     Initial Lots: Lots size for initial trade. These options will affect ONLY the Initial trade type- Auto Trading / Custom PlugIn / Instant Order.

Note: When using with Initial trade type = External Trade/External EA you don’t have to modify Lot Size. The EA will automatically read the lot size of the active trades

−     Lot Type (For Grid): Lots Type for grid order.

  1. Multiple: Lots size will be multiple from previous order.

  2. Custom: Lots size will be custom, define by user.

  3. AddLot: Lots size will be adding from previous order.

  4. Fix Lots: All Grid opened by Fix Lots.

−     Multiple Lots (For Grid): Multiple lot sizing (compared to last opened trade).

−     Add Lots (For Grid): Value of Add Lots. 

−     Fix Lots (For Grid): Value of Fix Lots. 

−     Custom Lots (For Grid): Set Custom lots size for every grid trade. Lots size will be separate by “;”.

−     Max Lots (For Grid): Max Lots size. 


−     Initial Trade Type: This option presents you the following options regarding how the first trade opens. Decide you first initial trade type.

1.    External Manual Trade: Initial trade gets open by manual. Under this method the EA will automatically take control of trades opened manually.

−     Place the CAP Zone Recovery EA on the instrument to be traded.

−     Select External Manual Trade under Initial Trade Type.

−     Open the trade (Buy/Sell/Pending Order) manually directly through the MT4 or MT4 mobile.

2.    External EA Trade: Under this method the EA will automatically take control of trades opened by an external EA.

−     Place both the Universal Grid EA and the External EA on separate charts of the instrument to be traded.

−     Select External EA Trade under Initial Trade Type.

−     Set Proper setting from EXTERNAL EA CONFIGARATION sections for how Universal EA connect with your external EA.


3.    Auto Trading: EA open initial trade by full auto base internal trading strategy.

4.    Custom PlugIn: EA open initial trade base on custom plugin. If anyone have own custom trading logic for initial trade, then we can develop PlugIn for this EA

5.    Instant Order: EA Open initial trade by instant both BUY and SELL trade.

−     Auto Trading: Select any of auto trading strategy. More then 16+ automatic trading strategy come with this EA.

−     ReverseSignals: It is only work when you select INITIAL TRADE TYPE=AUTO TRADING. If trade EA will reverse all signal of auto trading.

Example- Your setting is INITIAL TRADE TYPE=AUTO TRADING, AUTO TRADING= STRATEGY_1 (BOLLINGER) and REVERSESIGNALS=FALSE. By Default, In Bollinger band strategy Open BUY when price touch UpperBand, but if you want SELL then just set ReverseSignals=false. 

−     GridTradeOnlyInSignal (For Auto Trading): if TRUE, Grid trade open if still have valid buy signal.if FALSE, every Grid GAP loss EA open grid trade. 

−     CloseTradeOnSignal (For Auto Trading): All cycle will be close if opposite signal come. But condition is that average trade will be in profit. EA close only if your cycle in profit.


−     Profit and Loss Behavior: Select how your takeprofit, stoploss, breakevent, trailing count as Open Price

  1. Averaging: All Takeprofit, Stoploss, Break event, Trailing count OPEN PRICE as average price of all trade.

  2. Individual:  All Takeprofit, Stoploss, Break event, Trailing count OPEN PRICE as individual all trade separately their original open price. 

−     TakeProfit For Initial: Value of TakeProfit in points for Initial trade.

−     TakeProfit For Grid: Value of TakeProfit in points for Grid trade. When you have only one trade, EA fellow TakeProfit for Initial value, but when EA go to grid mode then EA fellow TakeProfit for Grid value.

−     StopLoss For Initial: Value of StopLoss in points for Initial trade.

−     StopLoss For Grid: Value of StopLoss in points for Grid trade. When you have only one trade, EA fellow StopLoss for Initial value, but when EA go to grid mode then EA fellow StopLoss for Grid value.

−     Profit In Currency: Value of take profit in Currency. It work buy and sell cycle separately. 0- mean Disable. 

−     Profit In Currency, After Number Of Order: Above Profit In Currency active when number of trade reach. 0- mean Disable. 

Example- Your Profit In Currency=5 and your Profit In Currency, After Number of Order=5. When your total Buy trade (initial trade+grid trade) reach 5 order and in the mean time total buy trade in profit >=5$, EA will close all buy trade. 

−     Total Equity Profit: Set value of your target Equity in Profit. 0- mean Disable. 

Example- Your set Total Equity Profit=5$. When you have no trade EA record your equity. If your total equity grow 5$ from your recorded equity, EA close all trade (Buy and Sell). Keep in Mind- To set Total Equity Profit make use you don't have any exiting trade. 



−     Break Even On: Enables Break Event.

−     Break Start: Profit (distance from entry price to current price, in points) when the breakeven is activated.

−     Break Step: Distance from entry price to which the stop loss is moved.



−     Trailing On: Enables Trailing Stop.

−     Trailing Stop: Points to be won for the Trailing Stop to be activated.

−     Trailing Step: Step (in points) of trailing stop.

Keep In Mind - Break event and Trailing can be work Average Price or Individual Price. How it will be work, it's depend on what setting you set in Profit & Loss Behavior



These settings will apply time restrictions on when the initial trade opened by Auto Trading or Instant trade. The time used is the time your broker uses. Once the first trade has applied the time opening restrictions do not apply on hedge trade.


−     GMT Mode: Select any of GMT offset mode of the broker server time.

1.    Auto GMT (not for tester!): EA will set auto your broker GMT shift. It will not work in backtesting.

2.    Manual GMT: Set your broker GMT shift manually. On back test always use Manual GMT.

−     Manual GMT offset: Manual GMT correction.

−     Trade Asian: Asian Time (True/False).

−     Asian Time: Set Asian Time (Default 22:00 - 09:00).

−     Trade Europe: Europe Time (True/False).

−     Trade Europe Time: Set Europe Time (Default 08:00 - 17:30).

−     Trade America: America Time (True/False).

−     Trade America Time: Set America Time (Default 13:00 - 22:00).

Please set time zone like this format {Start time – End time} 08:00 – 17:30. Do change format.


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