EURUSD NFP Report Trade That Made 150 Pips In 1 Hour

4 December 2016, 11:58
Ahmad Hassam

NFP Report is an important economic report that is released by US Bureau Of Labor Statistics.

NFP Report is released at exact 8:30 AM first Friday of each month.

This report gives the number of jobs that were created last month.

Read the blog post where I explain how to trade NFP Report.

In this report I analyze a EURUSD NFP Report trade that made 150 pips in 1 hour.

If NFP Report figures are good and as expected, this is considered bullish for USD.

If NFP Report figures are bad and not as expected, it is considered bearish for USD.

Trading NFP Report is an important event for many traders.

All USD pairs react wildly in the initial minutes when this report is released.

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